Dispatches from the road -- and from my stomach. 


How Tijuana Became Mexico's Go-to Foodie city

Adventure - October 25, 2017

Tijuana, Mexico has long been a kind of travel punchline, but these days, it's undergoing a new resurgence - precisely because its next-generation entrepreneurs are creating the food, and the city, that they want. 

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Rock climbers lead the way to china's new mountain playground

Nikkei Asian Review - Mar. 2017

As rock climbing takes off in China, Chinese climbers are reinventing local destinations as new hotspots for outdoor adventure sports. Case in point? The small town of Shigu, Yunnan. 


The Steamed buns' contested origins

Eaten Magazine Vol. 1 - "The Food of the Gods"

For its inaugural issue of this print quarterly, I explore the history of the steamed and stuffed buns found across much of Asia, ultimately turning to etymology for clues as to its true origins.


For afghan migrants, nowruz celebrations are a taste of home

NPR's The Salt | Mar. 21, 2017

Nowruz, celebrated across the Persian world -- including Afghanistan -- takes on a special meaning for recent Afghan arrivals to the United States. 

Fuel for climbers await in long island city 

Edible (Print/Online) - Jan. 24, 2017

Long Island City, on the western-most edge of Queens, has become an unexpected mecca for rock climbing, with two of New York City's largest climbing gyms located within a few blocks of each other. And what do you after you climb? You eat - and you drink. Here's a guide. 

everything tastes better with a side of familial disapproval

Roads and Kingdoms - Mar 31, 2017

I'm obsessed with bao, Chinese stuffed buns, and on the first breakfast of my own choosing in China, it becomes the no-questions-asked go to food choice. 

Here's my ode to the breakfast food in R&K.