Nevertheless Podcast | Social Media + Gun Violence

Episode 4: Heather, Megan and Leonor

For Nevertheless Podcast from Pearson Education, I produced and scripted this episode on the role of social media in affecting how students build resilience in the wake of trauma.

In this episode we’re looking at resilience, school shootings and activism. We speak to survivors, teachers, neurologists and trauma experts to understand the role that technology, institutions and support groups play in building resilience in the aftermath of tragedies like Columbine and Parkland.

We speak to Heather Martin, a teacher and Columbine survivor, who set up The Rebel’s Project, a non-profit dedicated to providing support to communities that have experienced mass tragedy. We hear from Micere Keels, an assistant professor and director of trauma-responsive educational practices at University of Chicago, and Dr. Judy Willis, a former teacher and neurologist. We also hear the stories of Leonor Munoz, a Parkland survivor, and March for our Lives activist and Megan Hobson, a drive-by shooting survivor and gun safety activist.