Columbia Journalism Review | A New Podcast Amplifies Asian American Stories

“ASIAN AMERICANS have long lacked sufficient representation in the media. What little representation occurs tends to be limited to common tropes, such as the model minority or perpetual foreigner stereotypes, or else biases specific regional backgrounds, like East Asians. Podasting is no exception: Asian American Podcasters, a membership group launched earlier this year, counts roughly 300 podcasts created by Asian American Pacific Islanders—out of more than 700,000 podcasts total.  

A new podcast, Self Evident, aims to better reflect the myriad experiences and communities that fall under the vague umbrella term “Asian American,” while emphasizing that, ultimately, Asian American stories are also American stories.”

I interviewed some of the show’s team, including co-creators James Boo Talisa Chang, as well as producer Julia Shu, for Columbia Journalism Review. Read in full.

CultureEileen Guo