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Eileen Guo is a writer, editor, and social entrepreneur fascinated by place and identity.

She has explored technology, culture, and conflict for The New York TimesNikkei Asian ReviewVentureBeat, and The Huffington Post, among others, and has a chapter in the forthcoming Analysis of an Intervention: Lessons Learned from Advisory Work in Afghanistan's Information and Communications Technology Sector, to be published by National Defense University Press in Winter 2016/17.   

She spent three years as an Internet pioneer in Kabul, Afghanistan, where she started the country’s first digital media agency, Impassion Afghanistan


Eileen and Impassion played key roles in fostering an ecosystem of Afghan Internet users through initiatives such as the Afghan Social Media Summit and Paiwandgāh, the country’s largest citizen journalism platform. 

In recognition for her work, she was named one of “99 Top Foreign Policy Professionals Under 33” by Diplomatic Courier magazine. She served as an appointed member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Social Media from 2014-2016, and is the current Chair of the Afghanistan Panel of Experts for the World Summit Awards

Eileen speaks widely on entrepreneurship, technology, and international affairs for both specialist and generalist audiences. Her talk at TEDxBrussels, "The World's Biggest Social Network is Offline", has been viewed over 30,000 times on Youtube. 

She also consults on technology, media innovation, entrepreneurship, and youth and millennial engagement. 

Eileen graduated from Tufts University with a double major in anthropology and international relations, and holds a certificate in Humanitarian Field Practices from the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. 

She is based in New York City.


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"Eileen...has lived in one of the most difficult conditions in the region incubating a new business.

The lessons that Eileen learned in Afghanistan are very unusual with rich insights on designing for extremes, building an eco-system to target non-consumers and how to build and operate new businesses in such complex settings will be of great value to a business leader.

HR departments need to think of how they can design scalable ‘reverse mentoring’ programs for senior executives wherein they can bring such experiences and insights through young talents like Eileen."

-Vijay Raju, Head of Partnerships and Foundations / Deputy Head of Global Shapers Community, World Economic Forum

"When you meet Eileen, you will quickly notice a certain steely-eyed determination about her. She has bright ideas, and the ability to turn them into reality.

If you are looking to work or do business cross-culturally, you need her on your team.

Eileen has a rare combination of intellect, maturity, and the ability to pick up skills and information at a very fast pace.

I can't stress enough that I've met another person who could even come close to pulling off the work that she has."  

-Toby Bonthrone, Afghanistan and Counterinsurgency Researcher

"Eileen Guo speaks, acts, and thinks with clarity, purpose, and intent in whatever she sets her sights and vision towards creating.

Her instinctive strategic and entrepreneurial mindset is enhanced by her deep understanding of social media and exemplary networking abilities, essential to success in the modern world.

When I need fresh, intelligent, global perspectives, I seek and trust Eileen's counsel, research, and advice."

-David Danelo, Author and Director of Field Research at the Foreign Policy Research Institute