The Empty Cliffs of Yunnan, China

French climber Marion on a 5.10 route on "Sunny Hill" in Shigu, Yunnan, China. 

French climber Marion on a 5.10 route on "Sunny Hill" in Shigu, Yunnan, China. 

Last month, I returned to my native China to spend the Chinese Lunar Festival with my extended family.  While the main focus of this trip was neither work nor rock climbing, because I've become obsessive about climbing since I first started a year and a half ago, I also got some climbing in -- and writing about climbing and the small but growing outdoor travel industry in China. 

Check out my trip report in the tiny village of Shigu, in China's Yunna Province, for Nikkei Asian Review

Chinese travelers have always appreciated the outdoors, as attested by the amount of ancient poetry and art featuring natural landscapes, and the popularity of tourist sites such as Shigu's First Bend of the Yangtze River and Tiger Leaping Gorge. This appreciation has increased in recent years as China's air pollution problem has worsened. Many urban dwellers leave the city behind, especially in the winter months, when air quality is at its worst.


My Latest: How Coding Is Saving the World's Fish

For my first article of 2017, I explored -- and explained -- the role that technology can play in fish and ocean conservation for Impatient Foodie:

one of coding’s advantages is in the increased processing power of algorithms, artificial intelligence, large servers, and crowd-sourced information have over human effort alone. Fish conservation becomes a coordinated effort of a hive mind, as opposed to siloed efforts with disparate data points.

Check out the full story here

It was my first foray in the unexpectedly (to me, at least!) fascinating world of commercial fishing which, along with the bigger picture of sustainability in food, has piqued my curiosity. Expect more from me on this topic this year

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