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Nevertheless Podcast 

I was a writer/producer on the second season of Nevertheless, a podcast from Pearson Education that looks at how technology is transforming education/learning -- and the role that women and POC play in leading the transformation. I produced three of the season's episodes, including this episode on returning to social media after a school shooting and this look at the life — and mental health — of Instagram influencers.


100 Days of Appalachia | March 2018

In this narrated audio documentary, I joined tree farmer and ginseng grower Tom Johnson in Scioto County, Ohio for a foot patrol to counter ginseng theft. The story aired on West Virginia Public Broadcasting, as well as on the podcast Inside Appalachia

Also read the written version on 100 Days in Appalachia


100 Days of Appalachia | November 2017

Black walnuts are often seen as a nuisance, clogging lawnmowers and leaving trails of inky stain in its wake, but for some resourceful Appalachians, foraging for the nuts provides an extra source in income. In this audio story, accompanied by an online print and photo story, I explore the niche economy of black walnut foraging.